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All Terra Water Ready Phylon EVA Footbed Vegan Cooling Airvents

The Piranha Sandal offers an irresistible design with extra bite. From the textured foot bed to the accents on the lacing and heel, this sandal is perfect both for adventures at sea and on land. Sturdy synthetic materials dry quickly so the action never has to end. 

  • Strong water ready webbing
  • Separate hook and loop and lace-toggle adjustments
  • Grippy rubber sole for the roughest terrain
  • Protective toe guard and mesh uppers

4 Reviews

Sep 28th 2016

Perfect for my 10yo

These shoes are ideal for my 10yo son. He loves to run and explore and doesn't let silly things like water get in the way. These shoes easily move from dry land to water and back. They don't feel squishy and dry well. And the colors are spot-on for him!

Aug 17th 2016

Nathan's Gift!

My 5 year old nephew had to have his tonsils out and tubes in his ears yesterday so I gave him these shoes to cheer him up. He was so excited he ran around with them on forgetting about the surgery next day. They are his school color so they are extra cool and we are sure that he will be the sharpest looking kid there.

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