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The Everly's durable toe guards and water ready materials help take the hits, bumps and splashes during outdoor activity. But the Everly isn't just about adventuresome appeal. A meadow of flowers on the footbed from which the name "Everly" was inspired, a bright camo outsole and braided webbing converge to create an organic look that's infinitely more interesting than your traditional sporty sandal.

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Oct 18th 2018

My daughters favourite

I'm amazed by the previous comments because my daughter has wide feet and has never had a problem with these shoes. She did have a problem with keens, but these were more comfortable for her. And they lasted two and half years (her feet didn't grow so fast obviously). Love them!

Sep 5th 2017


We have purchased Jambus for years for my 9 year old and never had problems. They are always her favorite shoes until now. Bought these for summer and despite multiple attempts to wear them she abandoned them due to blisters - and she has narrow feet. We had to go to plan B for fall as she will not wear Jambus again. Heartbrken mother - I love your shoes - hope these were just an anomaly.

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