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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Jambu In Store

Where can I buy Jambu shoes in a store?

Jambu is sold at many retail locations in the United States. Please visit our store locator to find the store closest to you.

Can I buy Jambu shoes outside the United States?

We do not ship internationally but will be in the future.

Will sold-out items ever come back?

We regularly review our best-selling and most sought-after shoes, and place reorders on occasion. Check our Facebook as well as Twitter pages for updates. Since our shoes do tend to sell out quickly, we encourage our members to review new selections as soon as they are released at the beginning of each season.

Are the products shown on the only ones you have in stock?

The styles shown on are the current season offerings. Our retail locations may have stock on other styles. Please check the store locator to find a store near you.

I have seen something I want in a store but I cannot see it online.

If it is not showing on our website it is probably a discontinued model. We suggest searching the Internet for Jambu and the style model to see who might have that style.

Do all of your stores carry the same shoes?

Every retail store chooses the styles that they want to carry in their stores. Styles will vary by retail location.

Do you sell replacement insoles?

Yes! Click here to view replacement insoles available for purchase. 

Can I have a catalog or lookbook sent to me?

Please click here to request a copy of our Lookbook