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All Terra Water Ready Phylon EVA Footbed Cooling Airvents

Daring and durable, the Squamata is the perfect choice for little boys who play hard. Featuring an innovative crossover design and stretchy lacing over mesh uppers, these sandals will let him make big splash and dry in a flash. 

  • Mesh upper with protective toe guard
  • Molded EVA footbeds for comfort and style
  • Bright fashion colors
  • Adjustable strap and stretchy upper
  • Rubber sole for excellent traction

3 Reviews

Jun 2nd 2018

Best shoes ever!

My son got a pair of these last June, 2017. He has worn them every week (and would be everyday if I didn’t make him alternate with other shoes). These ones have held up through the summer, fall, winter, and spring - and still are going strong. Sure they show wear on the bottom and the top, and still the Velcro straps and shoe soles have stood the test of time. As well as, a six to seven year old boy’s constant motion through running, walking, and splashing in puddles. Completely worth having and lasting!

Aug 5th 2017

nice and light

These shoes are lightweight and dry fast. I specially like the padded edge around ankles so they don't rub the back of my son's ankles raw. Covered toe is also a huge plus for protection!

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