JSport by Jambu

Tahoe Max Water Ready

JSport by Jambu

Tahoe Max Water Ready

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All Terra Water Ready

This lightweight athletic slip-on sneaker is made of micro buck and mesh. This sneaker received a design update that included water ready technology, which makes it even more versatile. Perfect for morning jogs, water adventures, and dashes to the market.

  • Microbuck, mesh and neoprene upper
  • Non-slip All Terra traction rubber outsole
  • EVA insole
  • 7.74 oz in weight
  • SKU: SJ19THM

14 Reviews

Jul 5th 2019

Tahoe Max

I absolutely love these shoes. I have problem feet: have had plantar fasciitis, scar tissue in the ball of one foot from a broken toe, an ankle that never recovered from an unstable sprain. And, I need a knee replacement. Comfortable shoes are a necessity. The Tahoe Max is so comfortable, light, and forgiving of being wet (wet grass daily, getting wet running the sprinklers, and weekly flood irrigation) that they are my go to shoe for all day, every day. Within a week of receiving my first pair I ordered a second pair. The sizing was right on target, I didn't need to order wide this time, and I love the way they grip my feet so I don't need socks. One of my favorite all-time shoes.

Jul 4th 2019

Great shoes!

This is my third pair of Jambus. I never liked clunky athletic shoes so I tried "barefoot simulation" sneakers after reading an article about them. They really are better for your leg muscles. It made sense. We need to give our own muscles a workout rather than wearing shoes that "support" our feet so our leg muscles atrophy. The only drawback is that they are not warm enough for mid-winter. But I go back to my Jambus as soon as I can in early Spring.

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